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  Noémi Kiss was born in Gödöllő in 1974. She had graduated in sociology and in Hungarian language and literature from the Faculty of Humanities in Miskolc, where she obtained a PhD as well, after finishing her graduate studies at the University of Konstanz.
Her dissertation about the reception of the poet Paul Celan in Hungary was publihed in 2003 by Anonymus Publishing House (Határhelyzetek), and a collection of her essays and travelogues, Tájgyakorlatok also appeared that year at Kijárat Publishing House.

A volume of her short stories, Trans was published in 2006 by Magvető, which is considered to be one of the leading publishing houses in Hungary. The book has raised considerable interest among critics due to its highly original prose style combining the features of pop literature and socially sensitive travelouges, using a language that is both sexually explicit and intellectually self-reflexive, although, at the same time, ironically self-effacing.
Her main characters are females who try to come to terms with their own body and desires, who live or try to live on the edges while often being unable to live up to the role prescribed by modern feminism. Thus her female characters both revolt against and conform to the traditional cultural role models, and this tension keeps them in a constant movement.


Title: Ikeranya - az első év
Publisher: Magvető Könyvkiadó
First edition: 2013
Page number: 108 page
ISBN: 9789631430813
Style: hard cover
Price: 1990 Ft.  buy online

Title: Shabby Jewelry Box: Journeys in the East
Publisher: Magvető Könyvkiadó
First edition: 2009
Page number: 184 page
ISBN: 9789631426991
Size:123x184 mm
Style: hard cover
Price:2490 Ft.  buy online

"The domino is beautiful. It’s got a smell and a color. It’s stinky and pink."

What are the impulses for travelling? To answer the call of the elsewhere, to leave home behind, and to search for the familiar in the unknown—an unknown that is attractive because of its very foreignness. There is no travelling without remembering. We set off packed with memories of home, and get back with memories of changes. Because travelling is primarily small talk, it is the creation of a verbal topography. Mapping hollows and saliances, straightaways and bends in the land, as well as the faces, the intentions, or moods behind the words. Noémi Kiss’s Central Europe is polyphonic and tactile, both exciting and timeless with its lasting controversions. A keen attention brings forth the historical sparkling from the shabby scenes, and creates outlooks from the narrowness of the present. Its openness guarantees its authenticity, which makes the reader believe that not only the ugliest, and the most beautiful, woman of the world is located in Ukraine, but its centre, as well.

Title: Trans
Subtitle: Elbeszélések
Publisher: Magvető
First edition: 2008
Page number: 166 pages
ISBN: 9631425398
Price: 1990 HUF  
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Title: Határhelyzetek. Paul Celan költészete és magyar recepciója
Publisher: Anonymus
First edition: 2003
Page number: 212 pages
ISBN: 9637966927
Price: -
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Title: Tájgyakorlatok
Subtitle: Elbeszélések
Publisher: József Attila Kör-Kijárat Kiadó
First edition: 2003
Page number: 127 pages
ISBN: 963-9436-99-9
Price: 1990 HUF
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· English
  Chernovitz [group trip east], translated by Rachel Miller

· Serbian
  Balkanski književni glasnik, Trans, translated by Ivana Ristov

  Magazine Knjizevnost 2/2007, Trans, translated by Ivana Ristov

  Magazine Treći trg 2007, Čulna obmana, translated by Ivana Ristov

  download --> Trans (szerbian)

· German
  Trans. Publisher Matthes und Seitz, Berlin, 2008
  translated by Agnes Relle


Word about the author and reasons for translating this book
by Ivana Ristov, the translator of trans to Serbian

Her book of stories Trans, published in 2006. by a well-known Hungarian publishing house Magvető, was noticed by critics thanks to the intriguing theme of this book. In the center of her writing is woman and life presented from a female perspective. Her female characters are in a constant movement and constant search for sex roles in their lives. Sometimes she hides behind an intelectual woman, sometimes behind an erotic dancer or even behind an accident passanger. In her novells we find variations conserning weather the shape of human bodies, weather sexual activity, which proves us that our body is not a constant category, but the result or even a consenquence of finding our personal role in life. Beside a gender issue Noémi Kiss is dealing with an emigration problem in Europe especially with turkish national minority in West Europe. Integration and European Union became an important fact in our collective mind, therefore her female characters are aware of the fact that borders are dissapearing, but not equally and not at the same time in every region. On the other hand, Noémi Kiss is dealing with a phenomena of a modern society or in the other words with a taboo themes of XXI century. Due to, she is taking us to an underground clubbs meeting us with a population of homosexuals and transvestites and with their essential problems. [...]
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